About three months after everything went to shit, two of our own brought a couple of people from a High School to our place. This was the first time I ever saw Ben Paul. He was a kid about 17, tall, skinny. He was real stupid, too. When we needed him the most, he wasn't there for us. He would panic.

What He Did WrongEdit

He gave medicine and supplies to bandits! BANDITS! And when he stopped, they attacked. And because of his dumbassery, my son and wife died. My son was bitten by a walker and got infected after  all  this happened, my son was  about to die. And because of BEN, when my wife too my boy out in the woods to say goodbye, she killed herself. My family is dead because of Ben. 

Oh and later on, he took out a blockade that was keeping walkers from gettin' us. Dumbass.

What He Did Right Edit

Died like a shitdog.

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