Kenwas are declarations set by high Kennyist authorities. Only High Priests, Priests, Elite Disciples, and Pope Scoop can issue them. Kenwas dictate orders of punishment to those who Kenny dislikes.

Outstanding KenwasEdit

Name: Michael Bay

Issued by: High Priest Bloxx

Offence: Destroying the Teenage Murant Ninja Turtles 

Punishment: Lizzie

Name: Glen Mazzara

Issued by: Elite Disciple Katie

Offence: Being a cunt

Punishment: Genital mutilation

Name: Laurie Holden

Issued by: Elite Disciple Katie

Offence: Playing Andrea badly

Punishment: Lizzie's 12 inch plastic

Name: Justin Bieber

Issued by: Elite Disciple Paul "Jesus" Monroe

Offence: Multiple crimes in which he did stupid shit, also is a total douchedick.

Punishment: Crucification while being anally abused.

Name: Chris Brown

Issued by: Elite Disciple Paul "Jesus" Monroe

Offence: Beating an okay singer. Being a shitty rapper.

Punishment: Tied to a Lamborghini and dragged through a cactus field at high speed.

Name: RayWilliamJohnson

Issued by: Pope Scoop

Offence: Not having swag or the ability to make a semi-decent fucking YouTube video.

Punishment: Forced to cough in front of Carol Peletier.

Name: Daryl Dixon

Issued by: Elite Disciple Jesus

Offence: Being the attraction of the show despite having no interesting storylines or character development.

Punishment: Tied to a cross and shot by every Kennyist with a crossbow.

Name: PewDiePie

Issued by: Elite Disciple Jesus

Offence: Being the most annoying YouTuber and overrated.

Punishment: Cactus Dildo'd

Name: SpinoRaptor24

Issued by: Pope Scoop

Offence: Insulting our Lord and Saviour, Kenny.

Punishment: All limbs amputated, impaled on a balcony.

Name: YoungAnarchy

Issued by: Elite Disciple Katie

Offence: Being a cunt.

Punishment: Lizzie and Mika tag-team.

Name: Nicki Minaj

Issued by: Elite Jesus, requested by Disciple Zora.

Offence: Being a terrible singer & "rapper".

Punishment: Oral cactus dildo'd while coughing infront of Carol.

Name: CamTheWoot

Issued by: High Priest Bloxxasourus

Offence: Being a Kennyism hatah

Punishment: Forced to suck the anons dieeecckkkkkkkkkzzzzzz

Name: Maddog48

Issued by: Elite Disciple Zora

Offence: Declaration of War against Kenny's love, Egotistically making an entire Empire based around himself.

Punishment: Invaded and shot by Every Kennyist with a gun.

Name: WikiaFrog

Issued by: Elite Disciples Zora and Katie

Offence: Homophobia and Kennytheism.

Punishment: Zora's motherfucking Salt lick.

Name: Twinkie102

Issued by: Elite Disciple Zora, by the request of Disciple and Unofficial Official Manager of Kennytropolis Phazon8058

Offence: Being a Kennytheist and claiming that Kenny's followers are wierdos. 

Punishment: Hop on the subway of Kennytropolis after midnight, have the powerplant explode so that the subway ends up stopping. The power plant takes months to replace, so he slowly starves to death in the metal death trap that is the subway.

Name: DarkSydePhil (DSPGaming)

Issued by: Elite Disciple GhostWolf716

Offence: Being a dick to his fans and insulted Kenny during his playthough of The Walking Dead on Youtube.

Punishment: Fed to 4Chan

Name: Doctor Pug

Issued By:  Elite Disciple Zora at the request of Disciple Phazzy

Offence: Refusal to pledge.

Punishment: After a trip to the International Space Station, he will be loaded onto a Soyuz space vessel for a return trip to earth. During undocking, the Soyuz will "accidentally" depressurize, causing him to burst like a balloon. No seriously, his head will pop like a zit on a teenager's face.

Name: Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt

Issued By: Elite Disciple Glaive

Offence: Being sexist, a dick, and always pointing out Kenny's flaws.

Punishment: A warhammer shoved up his canal, and forced Lizzie penetration.

Name: Kovarro

Issued By: Elite Disciple Zora

Offence: Disrespecting Kenny and Showing love to Beth Greene and Ben Paul. Also thinks extras are better than actual characters

Punishment: Seeing Beth and Ben die before being squashed by a salt lick. Then forced to watch Woodbury Resident 11 raped to death by Lizzie.

Name: Emily Kinney

Issued By: Pope Scoop

Offence: Why the fuck is there a Beth Greene?

Punishment: Head smashed in with Lucille by Negan.

Name: AlVan

Issued by: Disciple Derkfgt

Offence: Liking TV Andrea

Punishment: Forced to watch Chief Keef music videos

Name: Disciple Daniel123Shaw123

Issued by: Executioner/Former Elite Disciple Negan

Offense: Desrespecting other Kennyists, promotes himself to Elite Disciple and vandalizing the Kennyism members page.

Punishment: Slaughtered like a pig while tied upside down, and forced Lizzie's penetration.

Name: Bill Carver

Issued by: Elite Disciple Katie

Offence: Beating Kenny up and destroying his eye

Punishment: Choking to death on Kenny's mighty beard hair, or bash his head in with a crowbar.

Name: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Issued by: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Offence: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Punishment: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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