The Book of Duck was translated from Ancient Kennglish by our dear Pope Scoop. If you have translated Chapter Two, or have translated any more of Chapter One, feel free to add what you have translated.

The Book of Duck: Chapter OneEdit

As Duck was born, Kenny was happy. There were three wise urbans bearing presents, and a star twinkled above where Duck was being born. Many people watched the birth of Duck, but Duck was born as a duck.

Duck kept quacking and quacking and quacking. Katjaa was happy that he was alive and well but Kenny disliked the quacking. Kenny would often have to use 'stache earmuffs to stop Duck's quacking.

But Duck was not like all the others ducks, no, as he was born to Kenny, and that means he had Duck powers. The only thing he could do, however, was eat food and never be full. He'd always eat and eat.

One day, when Kenny and Katjaa were travelling, Duck kept eating all their food and Kenny and Katjaa had to starve until they found more food.

Despite Duck being annoying, quacking and eating all their food, Kenny and Katjaa were proud of their son.

The Book of Duck: Chapter TwoEdit

In the process of translation.

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