The Book of Katjaa was translated from ancient Kennglish by the Perfect Disciple. This book has been completely translated.

The Book of Katjaa: Chapter 1Edit

A young Kenny was walking in a park, where he sat down on a bench. Kenny cried because of how lonely he was. Kenny pulled out some bread to feed the ducks near the pond, but as he did, a stray cat came across and ate the bread before the ducks could.

This caught Kenny's attention, which lead him to ask the cat's name. She replied "Katjaa". Kenny was immideately attracted to Katjaa's belgian accent, so he proceeded to make love to the cat behind a shed.

After the love making, Katjaa transformed into a human parter, that would make Kenny happy. Kenny was no-longer lonely.

The Book of Katjaa: Chapter 2Edit

Kenny and his wife Katjaa decided to get married. Kenny was the happiest man on Kearth when Katjaa said yes. 

The two got married infront of the ducks at the park where they first met. After the ceremony that was celebrated by Kenny's Dad, Katjaa learnt that she was pregnant.

Kenny and Katjaa had no idea what they could name their child, so they decided to call it Duck. Upon the birthing of Duck, Kenny decided that Duck was a stupid name and would bring shame to the family, so he decided to call him Kenny Jr. Katjaa opposed this and kept calling him Duck. The rest is history...

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