This is the account of stupid fuckers who try to challenge my 'stache. Translated by Elite Disciple Zora. Enjoy.

Chapter 1: The Stupid Fuck with the Fake NosehairEdit

As the fuckers on that crazy wiki over where had began to know me as the fucker you don't fuck with, there was this one guy, he's cool now, but then, he had no idea. he brought this really fake looking mustache guy. saying his fake-ass stache was better than my real one. 
My reaction right away, was "Come on! just come the FUCK ON!!! There is no fucking way that this fucker with his fake mustache can hold a candle to MY fucking 'stache!" so I used the power of my 'stache to make a 'stache razor. and I shaved this fuckers dirty lip warmer right the fuck off. and jabbed him right in the chest! That's when STACHE.jpg fell, and that fucker who presented him learned real quick who the real master is. with all due respect of course, InsaneHippo is a cool guy these days, but not all relationships start off well. I thought I was without any more competition, but that was pretty fucking stupid of me to think.

Chapter 2: The Dumbass with the Northern AccentEdit

Some new fucker came along with this dumbass he called Christopher "Motherfucking" Eccleston, with some dinky leather jacket and some goddamn northern accent.
Really bad jacket

I thought right there, "I thought these fuckers learned their lesson, I kicked that fake 'stache guy's ass before, now the Hippo who presented him is cool as shit in a freezer." So I used my Stache Power to make a coathanger, and one of my Kennyists took his coat and hung it up. removing all of Eccleston's power. "No! my power!" he said in a northern accent as my buddy took the hanger away with Chris's coat still on it, obviously going to burn it. Nothing left powering that motherfucker, I pulled out my gun, classic Beretta 92FS Inox that I scavenged off of a dead body, I shot that Eccleston fucker right between the eyes. "I hope you fuckers learned." I told them, and went on with my day.


So after that, I still haven't heard any apology for stupidity from CamTheWoot for that Eccleston nonsense, but InsaneHippo, he became much better. so much, that he made the cut for being a priest of mine! so InsaneHippo, You've redeemed yourself of this BS. Thanks for that. Sincerely, Kenny.

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