The Book of Urban was translated from ancient Kennglish by the High Priest. If anyone has translated any more of The Book of Urban, please add it. 

The Book of Urban: Chapter 1Edit

Kenny was sailing across the ocean with his Duck and his Kat. He sailed until he reached a beautiful area which he named Kenny. Kenny and his Duck along with his Kat traveled far and wide until he found the natives. He named these people 'Urbans', because of his Floridian influences. 

Kenny loves all of his people so he taught them how to fish and hunt. And they were happy. But then they were attacked by the animals they call T-Dogs. The T-Dogs tore into the urbans and forced Kenny, his Duck, and his Kat to leave the country which he had called Kenny. Forever. As he left he told himself that no Urban shall be harmed if Kenny can help it. 

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