The Great War was a battle between our lord and saviour Kenny and his arch-nemisis Ben Paul.

The Great WarEdit

After the events in Savannah unfolded, there was a war in the spirit dimension. After Ben had died, he started being a huge douche to the past lives of Kenny. When he built up enough power, Ben was about to erase all forms of Kenny from existance, past or present. But the current Kenny sensed this and teleported into the Spirit Realm.

Ben said Kenny would be trapped in this Realm. But Kenny did not care. Ben harnessed all his fuck-up powers and attacked Kenny. When Kenny got back up, there were thousands of Bens instead of just one. Kenny, horrorfied, harnessed the power of the Duckpocalypse and attacked the Army of Ben. 

Thousands of Bens died. But millions replaced them. Kenny thought he would die when his trusty pet, Doge flew down and ate the Bens. 

Kenny got onto his pet and they combined their abilities to make Dokenny. Using the power of the 'stache and the internet, the Bens fell. 

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