The Third Coming of Kenny was translated by Pope Scoop.

The First ChapterEdit

And as Kenny tried to save that shitbird, Ben, he realised what he was doing, and he realised it was stupid. His 'stache turned into a helicopter and he flew away, and saw Lee, Christa and Omid walking away.

He flew away into the countryside in an attempt to get to Wellington. He flew and flew and eventually ended up in North Carolina.

And then he met a girl named Sarita, and a gay couple named Walt and Matthew. He fell in love with Sarita and ended up staying with her, Walt and Matthew inside a large ski lodge.

And then, after staying with Sarita, Walt and Matthew for a very long time, he noticed another group arrive to his ski lodge. Kenny looked and was confused, he thought there wouldn't be anyone else in the area with all those walkers stumbling around.

So he grabbed his gun and faced the crowd, where they were all having trust issues.

But from behind the new people emerged a young girl.

She yelled "KENNY?" and Kenny knew who she was.

And her and Kenny hugged it out, not seeing eachother for over 22 months.

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