Dear fellow Kennyists,

As most of you may know, war has begun between the Kennyists and, well, Maddog by himself. This has been an attack that has been plotted by Priest Katie, High Priest Bloxx and I, and after months of planning, plotting and crafting we have finally reached its due date.

Kennyists, we have an appointment with destiny in the following week. It won't be easy, but it sure will be rewarding. This is not any silly made-up war. We are fighting to regain the glory Kenny once knew. We are fighting for honor. We are fighting for freedom. The whole base of all of this is to erase the Maddog wiki by spamming and vandalizing it with ugly pictures and comments about Maddog's apparent "more-than-just-love" relationship with our Lord Kenny.  If you could help us with any of these, it'd be much appreciated. If you want to join our army, please sign up in the comment section.


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